Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wintery Inspiration Merry Xmas!

Winter and snow images so romantic and pretty to inspire and enthrall.

A young girl in the snow looking out at covered greenery.
 Christmassy red and white knitted cardigan in the snow worn by some wonderful winter frolicking girl.
 Cute brown hipster shoes stamping in the snow.
 Snowball fight!
 Ripped stockings and black ice skates with a short black flowing skirt out in the middle of a frozen lake with the low sun shinning down = LOVE
 Are you cold? well you are looking too pretty anyhows to worry bout the cold cutie pie!
 Frosted blonde hair with bright red bow in the hair winter gorgeousness.
 Romantic winter image, see you at the far end of a snow topped creepy wood.
And here is a kiss from your sweetheart in the snow.

 And finally let me blow some glittery snow on your face, ahhhhhh  Merry Xmas y'all!

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