Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Being Cool - Live with Less Attention

Learn to do with less attention than you would like at the moment.

People notice you in a more positive light when you are not actively trying to gain their attention. Stop caring...every time that urge comes to seek attention and you find yourself going out of your way to get noticed imagine a big STOP sign in front of you. Do not do things for which later you will think back on and feel ashamed at how lame you've been to stoop so low just to get that laugh ( that comes with a price in the form of PITY, cool people are not pitied).

When you try too hard you send out radiowaves at a frequency that all others can read even your cat- do not TRY in social situations to seem cool. Ever noticed how you can't read cool people, you usually don't know what they are thinking...well that is because they are not broadcasting LOOK AT ME signals to the rest of the human race.

How to Be Cool

Here is the first tip on how to be cool, if you have to wonder whether you are cool or not, then I can tell you straight away that chances are high that you are not cool at all. You see if you are wondering if you are seen as cool to others then that means you CARE. Cool people don't give a rats ass whether they are cool or not, I am as sure of that as I am sure of the fact that I have a bloody hole in my ass (too crude? well caring about that is not cool...just let it go).

In order to not give a fuck you have to simply not care what others think of you, you have to just be. Be yourself and censor your self imposed censorship. Remove your filter, say whatever comes to mind and just do things with no thought about how others will perceive you. In order to really impress you have to stop giving a fuck, and when you really stop giving a fuck you won't care if you impress, see how that works?